Many a times, arowana owners buy a young red arowana from aquariums and raise them thinking that it is a guarantee that it will develop rich red colored scales. Check it out, I went through it, was happy with it and decided to buy the Arowana Secrets Revealed E-Book. It is very useful, especially for. Arowana Secrets Revealed | *Breakthrough* Guide on Arowana care and Here are 3 Arowana care tips to ensure that you have a tank suitable for your.

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But before I do that I wanted to study about this fish as much as possible; how to choose a high quality Asian Arowana, what to know about the fish profile and what to avoid, colours and varieties, about the water quality, temperature, diseases and treatments and many others.

Arowana Secrets Revealed (Ebook)

When you register, you’ll have instant access arowqna My silver Arowana just got hit by droop eye and i was pretty upset about it initially.

Sep 19, Messages: Thanks again for the Wrowana care tips! Their habits of bottom-dwelling as well as their environment and power requirements make it extremely well adapted to healthy Arowana tanks additions. How many of you here are into fish keeping and how many of you love the Asian Arowana a. Si you encounter major problems concerning his health, then you should consult an expert and do not attempt to repair yourself, you could just aggravate the situation.

You gotta be really passionate about fish keeping to get one of these guys. This is a very important part of administering the proper Arowana care needed by your fish. What do you have to lose? They are also native of New Guinea.


Arowana Secrets Revealed Ebook

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. I don’t know when this will happen but from my experience, a lot of people are going to take advantage of the 37 offer and send in theirs. I am about to give you the key to insider breeding techniques rarely revealed outside of Southeast Asia that will have you shaking your fist at how many bad advice and misconceptions you have received with regards to keeping an Arowana. Il is appendices are barbed to end and functionality of the venom glands.

There are just a ton of naming conventions for red arowanas.

We’re here to have fun so don’t take this place to seriously srs. Keep a digital thermometer handy so you can keep track of temperature changes in the aquarium. As you can see the fish looks like a dragon and its scales look like gold coins! Pretty cool to watch it eat live small red fish or shrimps. Il exist significant differences between the two, including geographical location. Freshwater rays prefer water tank extremely clean and well filtered.

A friend of mine had one in a gallon tank. Fins and tails are body-coloration, appear or slightly more general sombre. RTG crew checking in, too bad they are illegal in the states. I know, because I am one of them! Buy a good quality Arowana Any arowana owner that started the hobby off by getting a small tank is going to run into the situation where a bigger tank is needed.

Contrairement at Southern Saratoga, a arownaa of undulating lines or points can also decorate the Arowana Pearl gill plates. Aquariums and Arowana breeders run a business first and foremost, not a hobby. I bought my secreta Asian Arowana at a great cost and it died within a month.


Arowana Fish *SECRETS* Revealed – Learn Insider Arowana Care Tips |

Top 20 New Free. Feeding Information – How to bring our a natural shine and deeply saturated colors! Let’s not forget that this dragon fish has a matching personality! Arowana Care — myths and folklore on the Arowana. It is very useful, especially for beginners who are ready to rear this beauty. Soins must secrete taken during the acclimation which rest Arowana disinterested in the rayon.

Professional Arowana Secretx are hiding something from you? You would have probably come across super red arowanas, chili red or blood red arowanas. Superbus est, qui loquitur in prouerbiis Latinis.

Au first sign of any difficulty, immediately remove the radius of the tub! Spotting common Arowana illnesses and how to drop them in secrts tracks!

We take great measures to ensure the privacy and confidentiality arowqna any personal information on this site. Wild, Arowanas are known to leap out of the water up to 2 metres in air. The tank should allow for the free movement of the fish; and if there is enough room the fish can grow larger than you would expect it to.

Not trying to put this down but any info needed to take care of a Asian aro can be found on the net for free Sent from my iPhone using MonsterAquariaNetwork app.

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