Jul 11, PDF | On Sep 10, , José Ricardo Liberato and others published Asperisporium black spot of papaya (Asperisporium caricae). Jan 30, Citation: Liberato JR, McTaggart AR & Shivas RG () Asperisporium Black Spot of Papaya (Asperisporium caricae) Updated on 10/9/ Ellis, M.B.; Holliday, P. Asperisporium caricae. CMI Descriptions of Pathogenic Fungi and Bacteria. Remarks (public): For a complete description.

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Rose black spot Diplocarpon rosae.

Epiclinium cumminsii Massee Fusicladium caricae Speg. Continuing to use www. Contact our curators Dr. Premature fruit drop can occur when young fruits are infected Adikaram and Wijepala, One or more of the features that are needed to show you the maps functionality are not available in the web browser that you are using.

Spots on the fruit are also brown to black and slightly sunken. This Add-on is available at http: Look to see if the leaves dry and die early when the carcae is severe.

black spot of papaya (Asperisporium caricae ) on papaya (Carica spp. ) –

The spores from the underside of the leaves are spread in wind caricwe wind-driven rain. Usually, the disease is a minor problem, although heavily spotted leaves result in extensive leaf fall. Remove infected leaves and fruit as soon as they are seen, take them out of the plantation and burn them. Plant Disease Reporter, 62 Don’t need the entire report?


CMI Distribution maps of plant diseases, edition 2, No. Sporodochia hypophyllous, dark blackish brown to black. Restricted to Central and S.

Asperisporium Black Spot of Papaya

Look for the spots on the leaves from below, up into the crown of the tree. The occurrence of black spot on papayas. The disease is worse in wet weather. The pustules can cover the whole lesion Maublanc, Lesions on leaves and fruit become velvety black Ellis and Holiday, ; Adikaram and Wijepala, ; Schroeder, Water-soaked spots on mature leaves become necrotic, asperisporiu, circular and up to 4 mm diam. Incidence in Florida is seasonal, most infection occurring in late winter and spring.

Black spot on citrus-Ghana. Field and laboratory evaluations of fungicides for the control of brown spot Corynespora cassiicola and black spot Asperisporium caricae of papaya in far north Queensland, Australia. Crop Protection Compendium http: First record of Asperisporium caricae causing black spot of papaya in the Philippines.


Asperisporium caricae – Wikipedia

A disease of papaya new to Kenya. This is used when first reloading the page. A revised list of plant diseases in Rhodesia. The pustules also occur on fruit.

Common Name

Similar spots form on the fruit; they cause shallow lesions and no decay. Datasheet Asperisporium caricae black spot. The disease is more intense on the lower leaves. Diagnostic Notes The fungus: This will help to protect your privacy.

When several references are cited, they may give conflicting information on the status. Australasian Plant Pathology, 37 6: European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization.

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