INDUSTRIAL PDA Users Manual details for FCC ID VUJAT made by ATID Co ., Ltd. Document Includes User Manual AT User Manual English_Rev1. Atid AT Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Atid AT User Manual. View and Download Atid AT user manual online. RFID Reader. AT Rfid Systems pdf manual download.

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Developers, of course, can use GPS input for whatever custom applications are required. Systems doesn’t indicate battery life, but the device should atif it through a full workday even with heavy use.

It usually contains nothing but the icons for a few basic functions. In the AT, O-ring seals press against the battery to provide that seal, so care must be taken to keep those seals clean af870 undamaged. Microsoft redesigned the kernel, you can run larger and more complex apps, and there’s a new files system that supports larger storage, larger file sizes and wtid removable media encryption. That adds up to another As you can tell from the picture above, the AT is an industrial looking device and clearly a tool for the job.

To remove it, take off the pistol grip if installedthen unlock a small sliding lever that securely holds the battery, which is part of the AT’s body, in place. The good news is that after all is said and done, there’s still nothing that provides full and totally reliable interoperability with existing Microsoft enterprise infrastructure and enables the use of ag870 ubiquitous Microsoft development tools thousands programmers are familiar with.


On the left you can see the camera app that can be used to document things. But while the AT can indeed be used as a rugged smartphone, A. Below you can see screenshots of the onscreen keyboards and Transcriber. Overall, the AT feels robust and well built. The AT offers considerable application flexibility in the field. Normal operation will probably be a combination of stylus and keypad. It can also survive drops up to five feet. According to ACC Systems, the main battery is good for 12 hours on a base unit with the 2D barcode imager based on scans in one work day.


The company sports a substantial roster of rugged handhelds from various manufacturers and also an impressive array of RFID solutions. The display is recessed a bit, but resistive touch screens are inherently susceptible to impact damage, so at the very least we suggest screen protectors.

So short of being immersed in water, the device should be to handle any and all exposure to liquids. Ruggedness Ruggedness is a good part of what you pay for when you choose an industrial-strength piece of equipment over standard consumer electronics.

There’s an abbreviated keypad designed for rapid numeric data entry as well as phone-style typing or making calls. Image quality is doable but not great, so it should be used within its limits. For wireless, the AT comes with Bluetooth v2. The AT base unit is ta870 smaller and lighter than the Moto, but that’s mostly because the Motorola is larger so it can accommodate either one of its three keyboard options whereas the AT only comes with the less extensive standard key keypad.

You can use the physical keypad, you can use the onscreen pop-up keyboard, or you can use the Transcriber handwriting recognizer. But let’s get back to earth and see atix the AT is all about. Almost everything else is a la carteā€”no need to pay for functionality not needed on a job. On the other hand Moto offers more versatile WiFi with Where does the AT fall in?

The difference in price can be substantial, in part because engineering and manufacturing something that can truly stand up to abuse is expensive, and in part because sales of rugged equipment are usually at a much lower level than those of standard consumer products.


Below are a few other apps that come in handy and show what the AT is capable of doing. And it also contains a task switcher see bottom right of the right picture above that you can use to quickly jump between active apps, or also close the active app, all apps, or all but the active app.

The microSD card slot is springloaded, but still requires a bit of fidgeting to get the card in and out.

What’s the difference between Windows CE 5. There’s the micro-SD Card slot located inside the battery compartment. The block and letter recognizers that aat870 usually part of Windows Mobile-based systems are not include.

And a closer look at A. Overall, the AT is a tough, competent tool for many data collection and decision support jobs out there in the field.

Atid AT870 Manuals

And there’s the availability of RFID, either built-in for Below you can see what it looks like, and how readable if low res displays can be: In the middle is a sample scanner app and scanner configurator. ACC does not provide a tumble spec while Motorola does. It secures against the RF module and is then held in place via a spring-loaded lever.

They also offer an exceptionally long list of options and add-ons to get a device just right for a customer’s application, and so we jumped on their offer to gets some hands-on with one of their premier RFID-enable, pistol grip-equipped keypad handhelds.

Also, the AT’s 3.

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