These technologies are disseminated through training courses, seminars. Auroville Earth Institute Mission & Activities. Mission. The mission of the. Contact Us. Have a question or a comment? We’d love to hear from you!.

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To enable and empower people to build their own dwellings using earthen techniques. To revive traditional skills, and to link instigute and vernacular traditions of raw earth construction with the modern technologies of stabilised earth.

Building a segmental dome. This course covers the structural design of vaulted masonry along with integrated principles of construction, and includes hands-on sessions on the construction of arches, vaults and domes.

Learning to use the Auram press. Hands-on – building conical dome. The main research and development is focussed on minimising the use of steel, cement and reinforced cement concrete RCC.

Introduction on Earth Based Technologies. The new facilities aurovillle now being designed to meet the increasing demand for education in earth technologies, and to make a greater impact on affordable, sustainable, climate resilient housing in India and globally.

AVEI will introduce 1-year diploma programs for post-graduate students of architecture and engineering, masonry technicians, and vocational masonry craftsmen.

Designing vaulted structures – practical work. Casting a ferrocement door. Storing ready CSEB for initial curing. The activities of the institute include research and development of earthen technologiestraining and educationpublication and dissemination, and the following services offered within India and abroad: Use the equipment and determine what is missing, ajroville protocols to use the equipment, make tests on different types of soil composition so they can be used in the AV Earth Institute machines.


Most of the technologies developed are mastered and the present research is focussed on alternative stabilizers to cement and alternative waterproofing with stabilized earth, composed of soil, sand, cement, lime, alum and tannin.

Auroville Earth Institute (AVEI)

Using the Auram press. Views Read View source View history. Students comfortable with the academic level often take the AVD Theory course in tandem with this one. The following technologies have been mastered and are disseminated since nistitute Training Sincethe Auroville Earth Institute has educated over 12, people from 84 countries in sustainable building technologies and land management practices, focusing on the use of earth as a auriville material.

Practical exercises with domes.

Casting a rectangular table. Theory class leaded by Satprem. Physical Model Making, building experimental Mockups and participate in construction. It is one of the few eath globally which combine structural design of AVD with integrated principles of construction. Main Page Help Recent changes. Casting a round channel. Group photo – masonry week. First week – theory. A training convention has been established with the School of Architecture of Grenoble, France, for offering long-term training courses to their students.

Applying red oxide on the round table.

To teach and practice sustainable resource management for both human and natural resources. Keystone to be placed. To demonstrate that earth, as a building material, can be used to create modern, progressive, eco-friendly and safe habitats. This Chair aims to accelerate the dissemination of scientific and technical know-how on earthen architecture amongst the higher education institutions, in the following three domains: Theory week – group photo.


To respect our Mother Earth, while using its natural resources to build a sustainable future.

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CSEB produced by trainees. Sincethe Auroville Earth Institute has educated institutd than 10, people from many countries in sustainable building technologies and land management practices. First week – practical work. To date, the main synthesis of this research on appropriate building technologies based on stabilised earth is implemented in the campus the Auroville Earth Institute.

Auroville Earth Institute | Auroville Learning Network

Hands-on – building squinched dome. To enable and empower people to build their own dwellings using earthen techniques. To develop cost effective technologies, affordable to all. Basics of masonry – theory class. Building a groined dome. Training centre of the Auroville Earth institute. Basics of masonry – practice.

The activities of the institute eagth research and development of earthen technologies, training and education, publication and dissemination, and the following services offered within India and abroad: