Over most popular Russian tunes for any instrument. Carefully chosen chord with selected common practice chord substitutions. Here it is, the Balalaika, an instrument of the Russian people, small and .. Take any song book where the chords are written above the notes, and you will find. The Balalaika Fake Book by Alex Siniavski. ().

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Results 1 to 17 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Balalaika Purchase Good Evening: Have any of you purchased a balalaika from a Russian source? I am interested in one. I plan to do some travel in that area in Or, is there a better source for balalaikas.

It is not imperative that it is bok in Russia. Any info would be appreciated. Balalaika Purchase I acquired a balalaika a couple of months ago from someone who was given it as a gift while traveling in Russia probably a decade ago. Not vook info you’re looking for, probably, but if you want, i bpok find out which part of Russia it came from. Balalaika Purchase It really depends on what kind of balalaika quality-wise you’re after.

If you’re after just a basic mass-market instrument, you can get one from many musical instruments shops in Moscow and St Petersburg.

Download Tumbalalaika (Play The Balalaika) Sheet Music By Arthur Kevess – Sheet Music Plus

A decent instrument can be bought for twice as much and more. I can give you the details of a couple of good balalaika luthiers in Russia if you are after a good quality instrument. Second-hand balalaika market often offers good value, but the catch is many sellers would not speak English and there could be other hickups, so you’ll need someone to give you a hand with negotiations etc.

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The Russian Embergher Project. The following members say thank you to vic-victor for this post: Balalaika Purchase vic-victor is correct about getting a good instrument. I just found a nice old student balalaika on ebay, from Russia, for under bucks – sounds good, tuners work, full scale fingerboard.

As vic-victor says, better models cost more, but I can read all the music in my balalaika method books on this one, all I had to do was restring it and adjust the bridge so that the 2 E strings are closer to the thumb end on the neck. Look carefully, the instruments are out there: Many cheaper balalaika have a fingerboard that ends where the body and neck join.

You need the longer fingerboard to play more advanced music. Be careful about tuners, too, although now parts are more easily available from Russia or the Ukraine. Balalaika Purchase I don’t know much about balalaikas, but I have a nice domra, that I ordered from the Thomann shop here in Germany.

Balalaika Books and Sheet Music

It’s the model 4 corzi M by Hora from Romania. It’s not professional level but it sounds nice: Balalaiika just saw, that the balalaaika in the ads David linked sell a lot cheaper than the new Hora from Amazon, so probably it’s the same as with bowlbacks here in Germany: The following members say thank you to crisscross for this post: Balalaika Purchase I have one of those cheap Soviet-era Lunacharsky instrument factory balalaikas from the s and a mandolin from the same factoryit gets the job done for my basic playing purposes and to serve as a bit of memorabilia.


Roosebeck is another brand to mention, I use their balalaika strings. The following members say thank you to Seter for this post: Balalaika Purchase I happened to see this on Boston Craigslist today. Don’t know if it’s worth the paper it’s printed on The following members say thank you to jaycat for this post: Originally Posted by jaycat. I happened to see this on Boston Craigslist today.

Petersburg So that one is purely a souvenir for tourists. Originally Posted by vic-victor.

The horse and rider pictured on a balalaika is Peter the Great monument in St. The following members say thank you to DavidKOS for this post: It does seem somebody here might have worked out a deal to have a consistent supply of well-made balalaikas in stock, sourced from Russia or from wherever reliably good-quality ones can be obtained.

The following members say thank you to jesserules for this post: Balalaika Purchase I just saw this captivating video, and had to share. Balalaika Purchase Man, that is a lot of music to come out of 3 little strings – amazing harmonics! Link to free balalaika books: Balalaika Purchase Avoid the tourist ones. Otherwise there are some good sounding ones on the usual auction and second-hand sites.

Stringed Instrument Database My Website.

The following members say thank you to Dusepo for this post: All times are GMT The time now is 4: