The Pale Horseman (Extract). I love the sea. I grew up beside it, though in my memories the seas off Bebbanburg are grey, usually sullen, and rarely sunlit. Outnumbered Saxon forces continue battling Danish invaders in this rousing sequel to the bestselling The Last Kingdom. It’s A.D. , and the. Buy The Pale Horseman (The Last Kingdom Series, Book 2) by Bernard Cornwell (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and.

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That’s just an estimate, since I listened to the audio and didn’t have the page count right in front of me. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

I am very happy that I came back and read this book because I loved it. More By and About This Author. And, that’s funny because Alfred is the only male monarch of England plae be termed the great. Jan 31, Bookdragon Sean rated it it was amazing Shelves: Uhtred makes a fighting escape onto a boat that carries him, Leofric, and another passenger to an island within the swamp.

The Pale Horseman (Extract)

His characters were likeable horsemxn despicable and you do care about them. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Loving this stirring series of a bygone era. And don’t forget Guthrum. I had been hoping that much like the first book, I’d get a lot of extra plot and detail the show left out.


The Pale Horseman (Extract) | Bernard Cornwell

I wanted some more originality, like we see with the excellent priest, Father Pyrlig, who shows up in the last part of this book. Nov 17, StoryTellerShannon rated it it was palw Shelves: That was not quite true.

After publishing eight books in his ongoing Sharpe series, Cornwell was approached by a production company interested in adapting them for television. View all 7 comments.

The Pale Horseman (The Saxon Stories, #2) by Bernard Cornwell

But we stayed in the cove all day. Paperbackpages. I took norseman arm rings off dead men. Quotes from The Pale Horseman.

They were small craft, probably traders from Cornwalum, and they were running before the south west wind towards the hidden shore where I assumed Svein had taken the White Horse.

The producers asked him to write a prequel to give them a starting point to the series. His characterisation of Uhtred is marvellous. King Alfred thinks himself safe, but in truth the last kingdom of the Saxons is in grave peril His enemies in battle, no matter what their reputation, hardly seem to bother him at all.

There were two of them and they were sailing to the west of the island, going northwards. Books of the Week. Her oars, like ours, were inboard and the oar-holes plugged, and we both ran under sail and Fyrdraca was the faster ship, which was not because she was more cunningly built, but because her hull was longer.


The pompous, self-important, Odda the Younger took the credit for the slaying, and no one, not even King A Ahhhhh Uhtred you are quite the lad Section 1 – Chapters I love historical fiction when it beernard real like this. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It is especially surprising when he reads about the characters’ attitude toward violence, in an understated, mild tone of voice that it is almost shocking to our modern sensibilities. A monk named Asser, who was at Peredur’s court, witnesses the betrayal and escapes to Dyfed in Wales.

The Witan cornweol Uhtred to an audience with King Alfred in Cippanhammwhere he is accused of using the king’s ship to raid the Britons with whom Wessex is at peace based on the testimony of Asser, who has made his way to Alfred’s court, and wrongfully accused Uhtred of attacking the Cynuit abbey on the false testimony of the warrior Steapa Snotor, who is loyal to Uhtred’s enemy Odda the Younger. But when the Danes invade Wessex, Uhtred’s loyalties are further divided. The characters were vivid and realistic.

Some were shouting at her to keep fighting me, but instead she suddenly burst into tears and leaned back against the mast root.