IN March , Archbishop Benson Idahosa, the flambouyant founder of. Church of God Mission International Incorporated died and left his. Biography of Archbishop Benson Idahosa, His Ministry, Impact and Exploits This is one of the most fascinating Biography, i have ever read in recent. Archibishop Benson Idahosa Biography,who was the pioneer founder / grand patron of church of God mission int’l. Today marks the 20th year since Idahosa’s.

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How Archbishop Idahosa died – Wife – Vanguard News Nigeria

As the first Pentecostal archbishop in Nigeria, he was renowned for his robust faith. He constantly had fainting spells as a child, and on one of his spells, his mother, Sarah, abandoned him at a rubbish heap presuming him dead.

Hours later, he came to, and began wailing and was rescued by his mother.

He grew up in a poor household. Like most of the surrounding houses, his family home was a mud house.

This reality denied him access to education until he was fourteen years old, when he was able to attend a local government school. He was very active in proselytising and converting many to Christianity. After experiencing what he believed to be a revelation from God calling him into ministry, he began to conduct outreaches from village to village, before establishing his church in a store in Benin City.


Byhe had established churches all over Nigeria and Ghana. Known for his boldness, power and prosperity-based preaching, as well as an enormous faith in the supernatural, he was instrumental to the strong wave of revival in Christianity and marked conversions from animism that occurred idahosw the s ibography s in Nigeria. With his main task being evangelism, he launched Idahosa World Outreach television ministry IWO TVwhich was a broadcast reaching a potential viewing audience of 50 million people.

He is reported to have been used by God in performing many miracles, including healing the blind, and raising up to twenty-eight people from the dead at different times in his ministry. A claim made by Idahosa that he had raised behson people from the dead was dropped when challenged by the Advertising Standards Authority, who sought evidence that the individuals concerned had in fact been dead.

Biography Of Archbishop Benson Andrew Idahosa | Believers Portal

Many of his messages on faith, miracles and prosperity remain a classic among Pentecostals. He had strong links with international gospel ministers like Billy GrahamT.

At the time of his death inhe was reputed as having preached to more whites biogaphy any idahosw man, and to more blacks than any white man. Osborn remarked on him as the greatest African ambassador of the apostolic Christian faith to the world.


Benson Idahosa

His desire bensn meet the needs of the total man led him to establish several other arms of the ministry apart from the church. His wife, Bishop Margaret Idahosa is the current presiding bishop of the church.

This man was a great man of God he has really thought me alot I admire him a lot. God truly blessed him. And I know he is enjoying in heaven.

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