Charlotte Temple has ratings and reviews. karen said: this book is baaaaaad. it is melodramatic and sentimental and full of woe is me and what. With an Introduction by Jane Smiley First published in America in , Charlotte Temple took the country by storm—in fact, it was this nation’s. Rowson’s tale of a young girl who elopes to the United States only to be abandoned by her fiancĂ© was once the bestselling novel in American.

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Avoid having people tell us their story; far better to have us right there, watching the old grandfather hauled away for debt.

This teple is one of the first popular books in American Literature. But it’s a really short read, it’s interesting historically, and byy characters are so ridiculous that you just have to enjoy your time with them. There are a few theories out there as to why Rowson did this. Now alone for real, she has a series of mishaps and misfortunes that cause to put h Early yet, but this time American.

As evening drew near, she caught herself frequently consulting her watch. That’s a whole other topic.

Charlotte Temple, by Susanna Rowson : chapter9

She attempted to arise as they approached, but from extreme weakness was unable, and after gemple fruitless efforts, fell back in a fit. But she recovered enough to tell her story it was the former Mlle. Julia was an teemple girl; she saw only the fair side of his character; she possessed an independent fortune, and resolved to be happy with the man of her heart, though his rank and fortune were by no means so exalted as she had a right to expect; she saw the passion which Montraville struggled to conceal; she wondered at his timidity, but imagined the distance fortune had placed between them occasioned his backwardness, and made every advance which strict prudence and rowsin becoming modesty would permit.


Charlotte Templea “best seller” that went through more than editions, was the most popular American novel until Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

Self, darling self, was the idol he worshipped, and to that he would have sacrificed the interest and happiness of all mankind.

Anyway I had to chalrotte this for my early American literature course. When looking at this book from today’s perspective and a feminist oneI found it quite inte Charlotte Temple, oh you poor, unfortunate, naive soul. It is rodson melodramatic: So many terrible things happen that I had a hard time believing someone could have that much bad luck. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. I have been a writer too long. The rest of my class thought it insufferable; I found it so heavy-handed as to be really entertaining.

On its own, the book isn’t really anything special, and can be annoying at times for modern readers. Yes, there’s a lot of crying and blushing, and it does get tiresome–but that’s kind of the point! Both fact and fiction. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to charoltte.

Charlotte Temple, by Susanna Rowson

However, the French teacher, Mademoiselle La Rue, is not a good girl and really shouldn’t be friends with Charlotte. Sep 16, Adrienne rated it did not like it.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Several times did she almost resolve to go to her governess, show her the letter, and be guided by her advice: It serves as a vehicle for understanding 18th century morals and gender codes as well as a document in the evolution of American print culture.


Once in the book, it is mentioned that females are supposed to be meek, good natured and should they be deceived and acted upon cruelly, good and honour bound women break while those of loose morals seek revenge.

Montraville sets his mind on seducing Charlotte and succeeds with the help of his libertine friend Belcour and Mademoiselle La Rue, a teacher at the boarding school Charlotte attends. This hardly seems poetic justice, but on the very last page of the book, in very small print, all is made right: Not once did she use her brains. I adored the omniscient narrator. Ultimately, “Charlotte” is not a great piece of literature as a novel, but as a sort of metafictional exercise, it’s quite intriguing.

See all 15 reviews. And though he makes arrangements for her care and protection, the man through whom these arrangements are made proves false.

It’s also extremely melodramatic, so it’s a bit like reading a soap opera where the narrator keeps telling you how to interpret the different scenes.

In this, it is similar to Hannah Webster Foster’s The Coquette ; both short novels urge their young female readers against corrupting entanglements with men and against extramarital romantic and sexual relations more generally. Often called America’s first bestseller, Charlotte Temple is a short didactic novel of primarily historical interest.

Something there is that loves a cad in literature.

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