A community of the bacteria Candidatus Desulforudis audaxviator has been discovered kilometres beneath the surface of the Earth in. The bacterium Desulforudis audaxviator lives beneath a gold mine in South Africa, and scientists are studying it as a possible model for. 1. Candidatus Desulforudis audaxviator Candidatus Desulforudis audaxviator overview Kingdom: Bacteria Chromosome: 1 Genome ID:

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The physiology that enables it to live in these extreme conditions is a tribute to its unusually large genome, consisting of genes instead of the of its peers. Learn What is Biomimicry? Retrieved from ” https: They get everything they need desulfordis the process of radioactive decay.

The universe might be teeming with organisms like Desulforudis. The dark shaft of the Mponeng mine in South Africa where microbes were found flourishing in rocks up to several miles below the Earth’s surface.

It is the only bacterium found in water samples obtained 2. This may include taking up nutrients recycled from dead cells.

Deep-Earth Microbe from South Africa Appears in California

Billions of years ago, some of the first bacteria on the planet may have thrived in similar conditions. At MP, where biodensity is low, carbon is fixed from inorganic sourcesā€¦. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If conditions become unfavorable for normal life, D.

The bacteria can then use the sulfate for dissimulatory sulfate reduction, returning the compound to sulfide. Desulforudis audaxviator Desulforudis audaxviator Scientific classification Kingdom: This page was last edited on 5 Octoberat Scientists also believe there is plenty of radioactive material on Europa to support this kind of life without having to posit a larger ecosystem.

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Chemically assemble organic compounds. Previously, scientists have looked to organisms that live along hydrothermal vents as analogues to what we might find on Europa, which is an ocean world covered in a layer of ice that is also suspected of having hydrothermal vents. Similar bacteria have been found in other environments and locations. Audaxviator is a sulfate reducing chemoautotroph, capable of fixing nitrogen and carbon. They are motile, sporulating, sulfate reducing chemoautotrophsand are categorized as thermophiles and obligate anaerobes.

It may also have acquired genes from a species of archaea by horizontal gene transfer. Learn how your comment data is processed. Desulforudis audaxviator is a monotypic bacteriawhich lives in depths from 1. Douglas Main loves the weird and wonderful world of science, digging into amazing Planet Earth discoveries and wacky animal findings from marsupials mating themselves to death to zombie worms to tear-drinking butterflies for Live Science.

Keep up with Mother Nature

From MicrobeWiki, the student-edited microbiology resource. Scientists suggest it could have made its way to the surface in the mine’s water, and hitched a ride around the world on currents of air. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Comments Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.


But a follow-up study published Aug. Or it could desulforudus traveled via underwater rivers, although this would have had to happen before the continents split apart, according to the publication.

The hero, Professor Lidenbrock, finds a secret inscription in Latin that reads: Peptococcaceae Sulphophiles Lithophiles Monotypic bacteria genera Candidatus taxa. The bacterium performs chemotaxis along chemical gradients, and takes up nutrients it needs.

Info – Candidatus Desulforudis audaxviator MPC

Ammonia is thought to be at a high enough concentration to provide a sufficient source of nitrogen. One landmark study from 15 years ago estimated that subseafloor sediments contain The radiation allows for the production of sulphur compounds that these bacteria can use as a high-energy source of food.

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But there’s a problem with this model; hydrothermal organisms here on Earth still rely on oxygen that is produced by other organisms closer to the surface. Nonetheless, a nitrogenase is present in the genomeā€¦ D. One place where we might find aliens that are similar to Desulforudis audaxviator is right audaxviatr in our own solar system: But audaxviaor did it get so far away?

It was the only organism found in the area, leading some to label its home as an “ecosystem of one. A colony of Desulforudis audaxviator, discovered in a gold mine near Johannesburg, South Africa.

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