Simple helloworld example using remoting. Contribute to graniteds-tutorials/ graniteds-tutorial-helloworld development by creating an account on GitHub. Could you try renaming temporarily your.m2 so we can make sure that this is not just an issue with your local repository? are there. GraniteDS Tutorial Parent. alsĀ» tutorial-parentLGPL. GraniteDS Tutorial Parent POM. Last Release on Aug 29,

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Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Once again we use the handy Flex 4 states to display the login form or the application, and bind the current state to the Tide Identity component loggedIn property that represents the current authentication state.

Another interesting thing is that the Flex mxml now looks like a Spring bean, making very easy for Spring developers to get started with Flex.

Enterprise RIA with Spring 3, Flex 4 and GraniteDS

A client development framework Tide that brings familiar Java EE concepts to the client side: As with did with validation, we can in a first step rely on server-side security and simply annotate the service method: DefaultServiceInitializer; private function init: ArrayCollection; private function findAllAuthors: You can check that you cannot delete an author when logged in as user.

Adobe Flex is one of the most widely used client technologies for building rich applications and Spring 3 is one of the most popular Java application frameworks. The archetype already defines a topic named welcomeTopicwe can just reuse it grantieds for example rename it to authorTopic.

The hello function demonstrates the basic Tide remoting API.

Group: GraniteDS Tutorials

Support for Spring Security 3 and Flex components that integrate with server-side authorization. The default ObserveAllPublishAll class comes from the archetype and defines a publishing policy where everyone receives everything.



It has been providing out-of-the-box integration with Spring very early and this integration has continually been improved with each new version of GraniteDS, following a few core principles: Comprehensive Whatever is the client and server frameworks you develop your application with, you can be sure to leverage the most advanced features of each of them: Easy Configuration Simplified configuration through runtime scanning of your deployment environment: The error message is handled by our fault handler and displayed as an alert.

Now you can do any refactoring you want on the Java side, like changing method signatures, Gas3 will then regenerate the AS3 proxies and the Flex compiler will immediately tell you what’s wrong.

Join the DZone community and get the full member experience. Project setup We have to start somewhere, and the first step is to create the Spring application.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, the one you tutotial trying to launch. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Guide to Microsoft Azure Integration. GraniteDS is used in critical applications by thousands of companies of all sizes and provides responsive professional support and on-demand consulting. This is because we replace the dataProvider of the list each time we receive a new collection.

Download A Buyer’s Guide to Application and Data Integrationyour one-stop-shop for research, checklists, and explanations for an application and data integration solution.

HelloService;private function hello name: It can also be useful when the authentication is done through a simple Vraniteds page and you just want to retrieve the authentication state instead of displaying a Flex login form.

GraniteDS never tries to compromise to a subset of common basic features. This is where the Tide entity cache and merge helps a lot by ensuring that each entity instance will exist only once and dispatch only the necessary events when it is updated from the server.


This is a simple CRUD application using some very convenient Flex 4 features such as states and bidirectional data binding. We have to start somewhere, and the first step is to create the Spring application. It’s a bit tedious to handle this in each and every fault handler, so you tutirial define a custom exception handler that will globally intercept such security errors that always have a faultCode ‘Server.

SnapLogic is the leading self-service enterprise-grade integration platform. After a new clean build and restart, you can see that the GraniteDS validation engine now enforces the constraints on the client, which gives the user a much better feedback about grankteds actions.

It’s definitely nicer, but it would be even better if we didn’t have to call the server at all to check for text size. Granuteds not transfer artifact com.

These two technologies make a great combination for building enterprise applications with a modern looking and rich user interface.

flex – graniteds-tutorial-data using GraniteDS error – Stack Overflow

This may seem like a ‘magic’ injection but as we asked for an instance of Component, the framework knows for sure that you want a client proxy for a remote bean. The structure of the project is a tutprial multi-module Maven project with a Flex module, a Java module and a Web application module. I’ll finish this part by showing how to display and update the collection of books. Basically it replaces the traditional Flex static services-config. Without it, nothing will work any more.