Introduzione. GreenFoot è uno strumento software progettato per permettere ai principianti di fare esperienza con laprogrammazione orientata. The Greenfoot Programmers’ Manual is licensed under a. Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial UK: England & Wales License. Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. Opening the Code editor for a class displays all of the programming instructions for the class. Programming instructions are organized into methods in the class.

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Do something when the scenario has stopped. For these scenarios we greeenfoot methods that works strictly on the location of the objects. We need to modify it so that it also returns false when there is a rock in front of us. Make grfenfoot own scenarios. The full description will be displayed above your scenario on the gallery, and can include an explaination and instructions for using the scenario.

If you want to run some code when these events happen, override these methods in your subclass of World. If you uncheck this box then programmee will be able to move your actors around and change the speed, as is possible in Greenfoot itself. Per esempio, potrebbe incuriosirti la creazione di immagini per gli attori oppure come trattare le collisioni. Finding actors in neighbouring cells is also easy. The method takes one parameter, which should be a number between 0 andwhere 0 means completely invisible and means completely visible.

Compilation if successful automatically instantiates a world object. Let rpogrammer have a closer look at the code inside the new world class.

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The video amnual are also available on YouTube but the quality is better here. Select some of the commonly used tags if they are relevant to your scenario, and add any tags of your own.

If you click Cancel then the details you have entered will be saved ready for when you do want to export it. The World class allows you to set the order in which the actors are painted on the screen, set the order in which the actors have their act method called, respond to the scenario being started and respond the the scenario being stopped. Before you can nanual you must compile your project.

Three different versions are available: The easiest way to get a Color object is to use one of the pre-defined constants in the Color class, such as Color.

A “quick hreenfoot to Greenfoot is available here. Oh well — more work to do. If not, double-click the zip file to unpack it. Double-click greenfoof installer file, and follow the instructions. Some methods give you an answer. Suonare Playing a sound in Greenfoot is extremely simple. Lines are drawn between each set of co-ordinates in turn, and then from the final point to the first point the polygon is closed.

The valid range for the rotation is [ The following code will draw a line 15 pixels long across the top of an image:. There are more background images available in the Greenfoot Image Collection on the Greenfoot web site.

Change the behaviour of an object. CS Unplugged with Greenfoot. Cell based In some scenarios, like Wombats, objects are always entirely contained within a cell, and you are only interested in the location of the object in the grid. The Greenfoot API is available online. This method call will return all objects of the class Leaf and subclasses that have a location that is within 2 cells.


Programmer Manual

The easiest way to get a font object with a specific text size is to use the deriveFont method on another font object. Installing on other systems. You can program your own objects — wombats, or anything else you like — by writing some Java code for the class of the object.

Ci sono un certo numero di classi riutilizzabili che sono disponibili per i tuoi progetti. You are also prompted to select an image for the class. The Publish page of the export dialog box provides you with fields to enter information to be published with your scenario.

Greenfoot gives you many different ways to find other objects to suit many different kinds of progrxmmer. If the wombat should only be able to look at the immediate neighbours to the north, south, east and west we can use the following methods.

Now you can close the editor.

The Greenfoot Programmers’ Manual « Programmare con Java

The slider next to the Act and Run buttons sets the speed. For example, in the balloons scenario you can start the scenario, allow some balloons to appear, pause the scenario and then call the pop method on each balloon. Invoke a world method.

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