For specific information pertaining to the Summit Team Finals please refer to your track operator or to Division 1 Patriots Richmond. IHRA Rule Book IHRA Rule Book Cover. Menu. Page View · Contents View · Advertisers · Website. Issue Articles. Issue List. IHRA Rule Book. IHRA Rule Book IHRA Rule Book Page Menu. Page View · Contents View · Advertisers · Website. incorporate a rocker or sill bar to tie the front and.

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All chromoly must employ only TIG process. Welding must be free of slag and porosity.

IHRA Rule Book 2016 IHRA Rule Book : Cover

Any grinding of welds prohibited. Swing out bars are permitted on OEM full bodied entries running 8. They must be designed as boik Clevis or sliding sleeve connections permitted. Sliding sleeves must have a minimum of 2 inch engagement at the connection.

IHRA Rule Book 2015 IHRA Rule Book : Page 1

Chrome plating of roll cage prohibited on all entries running 7. A dash bar and rocker sill bar are mandatory on all entries running mph or quicker or if the OEM firewall has been modified in excess of 1 square foot for transmission removal.


Head ruel or helmet bars must be installed on all entries presented for certification under SFI specifications 2. The minimum specification is 1 inch X. See appropriate SFI specification for all full bodied entries 8. Chassis certifications are mandatory on all entries running 9. Belts must be securely fastened to the frame, inspection or reinforced mounting point. Seat belts may not be wrapped around lower frame rails or any frame rail or cross member, such that belt may be damaged in event that frame rail or cross member comes in contact with racing surface.

Under no circumstances can belts be installed with bolts through webbing.

Arm restraints when required, must be worn to ensure that the drivers hands do not extend outside of the frame rails or protected area. Arm restraints must be installed in a way that they will release with the drivers restraint system.

All seat belt and shoulder harness installations booj be mutually compatible, originally designed to be used with each other.


For harness installation, see illustration below. Only ihea units that release all five attachment points in one motion are permitted. Seat belts may not be wrapped around lower frame rails.

Upper-torso restraining straps are permitted in all other cars. It is acceptable that all seats be mounted vertically and incorporate a compatible crotch strap. Under no circumstances are bolts inserted through belt webbing permitted for mounting.

International Hot Rod Association – IHRA Rulebook Updates

Steering must be considered safe by the Technical Committee. Drag link and tie rod ends must be secured and keyed.

All altered or modified steering systems will be closely checked for insecure welds and faulty parts. All welded parts must have additional visible reinforcement. Only conventional automotive steering systems are permitted.

Page 95 incorporate a rocker or sill bar to tie the front and rear of the roll cage together. Using a screen reader?