Inne pieśni [Jacek Dukaj] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Buy Inne piesni by Jacek Dukaj (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Jacek Dukaj is great, but I don’t know when he will be translated. Dukaj is amazing, his “Other Songs” (“Inne Pieśni” in polish) is one of the.

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The novel is a mixture of fantasyalternate history and science fiction. The novel received the prime Polish award for sci-fi literature, Janusz A. Zajdel Awardin The universe of the book is similar to ours with one major exception: There are no atoms or other particles unne, just five elements.

A to Z Challenge: I is for “Inne Pieśni” (“Other Songs”)

All Matter is composed of those five elements, mixed in proportions determined by the Form. Every Substance is fulfilling its ideal Form, morphewhich “exists” separately from the Matter, hilebut appears only in Substance. There’s no evolution in nature. Nature is teleological and has a purpose. The Sun and all the planets are circling Earth, and they move not in vacuum but in aether.

Diseases are the signs of mind’s insanity, the weakness of Form. Forms determine Matters, and human will can change Forms. Thus, the human mind is able to shape reality in indirect vukaj, to some degree, and most powerful minds have large area effect — their anthos auras, fields of influence can affect entire lands.

The Earth is divided into dozens of dominions, each under the pressure of Form of kratistos man or kratista woman: Having entered the domain of kratistosone gradually finds it more and more natural to behave like him, to look like him, to think like him — to be him.


People with a weaker form can be easily dominated by those with a more powerful Form. In the aura of a despot everyone is a little more egoistic and harsh; in the aura of a hedonist everyone is a little prettier and sensual. Travelers will be affected by the anthosacquiring attributes of the land they enter, up to and including its language. People can try to train their anthosand there are specializations of personal auras — for example in the presence of ares — a natural born warrior — everything is a deadly weapon and an accidental punch can be a devastating blow.

Twelve centuries have passed since the fall of Rome ; fewer since the death of Kristos Christ. Hieronim Berbelek was once a powerful strategos a natural born leader whose form makes other people listen to him or her duaj, but when he was defeated by one of the kratistosesknown as the Warlock, his Form and spirit were broken, reduced to those of a lowly merchant, a sad, small man, easily molded by others with stronger Forms.

However, a chain of events sets him off on a journey — first to Africaand later into many new lands, from the depths of Warlock’s domain, jacke the fabled Library of Alexandria and mysterious flying city, to the Moon colony, and on this journey he may have a chance inen regaining his Form….

Dukaj’s primary influence pienj been the philosophical concepts of Aristotle and Hegel. Coupled with his experiences in science fictionthe resulting book is hard to put into any normal genreleading many to describe it as a kind of ‘ philosophical fiction ‘ or ‘sophia fiction’.


Philosophical, because Dukaj introduces an overwhelming array of philosophical concepts, but also fiction: The entire concept of Form is heavily influenced by the work of Witold Gombrowicz. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article includes a list of referencesrelated reading or external linksbut its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.

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Books by Jacek Dukaj (Author of Inne Pieśni)

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