News ☛ First familiarize yourself with the simple ☆M-SHWARI: TERMS AND CONDITIONS☆ if you are planning to open an M-Shwari account. TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR THE OPENING AND USE OF THE M- SHWARI ACCOUNT 1. THE AGREEMENT This Agreement sets out the . Select the M-Shwari link. A message will appear requesting you to read and accepted the Terms & Conditions (English: Visit

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Loan Product The M-Shwari Loan Account is a micro-credit product which allows you to borrow money in times of need or to complement your savings towards an investment or enterprise. Before you even think of how to get an M-Shwari loan, first familiarize yourself with this product by going through conxitions the binding clauses on this agreement.

The maturity date which is between a period of one to six months will be set upon opening the account.

Note that every deposit earns periodic interest rate which is deposited to your M-Shwari account once the money term matures. First, this is a product from one reputable telecommunication company in Kenya, Safaricom, and therefore, you are always guaranteed that your cash is safe with them. No Comments Nov 14, Before you request for any loan, you need to be aware of the terms and conditions, don’t you?


Rock your dreams today by opening the Lock Savings Account. While you may not be aware of any fees on your M-Shwari, there are fees that apply. Add a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Access loans at attractive low interest rates of 1. A soft copy of Certificate of Registration. Share with your friends!

Or call Safaricom customer care on A soft copy of route sketch leading to premises where supply is required. You earn interest on cumulative interest.

M-Shwari: terms and conditions

A soft copy of National Identification I. Time taken to quote — 7 days 2. While it’s true that you need no money and other bank opening documents to open an M-Shwari account, there trms some few details you need to comply with first. Benefits You top up continuously until you achieve your target. Secondly, this service is mobile; that means it is easily accessible to you.

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Please note that it takes 48 hours for Kenya Power to update your account. Paying your Electricity Bill with M-Pesa 1. Minimum target period is 1 month. These are conxitions of the amazing benefits of M-Shwari. Metering — 2 Days Total number of days — 43 Days.

M-Shwari: terms and conditions ▷

This applies to all premises where there is no supply i. What to do if you are staying in this holiday season What to do if you are staying in this holiday season Use these 40 top funny Christmas messages to send your friends Use these 40 top funny Christmas messages to send your friends 20 best printable Christmas cards 20 best printable Christmas cards Why is humility important to a Christian?


This amount is payable once. This is just a number of valuable information contained in the M-Shwari terms and conditions document but there is more. Like other lock accounts, you are able to save a certain amount of money in your account and await its maturity.

The other point under account opening terms and conditions you should be aware of is that by allowing them, you authorize the bank to access your personal information from Safaricom for the purpose of getting to know you more as required by the banking regulations. I bet you have. CBA and Safaricom have shown great commitment to bettering the lives of Kenyan citizens by providing them with cheap and readily accessible financial services.